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Welcome to the Washington State Department of Revenue’s website. Our website is dedicated to providing you with easy and convenient access to the important information you need to report and pay taxes in Washington State.   

Washington's programs and essential services are directly supported by the taxes you pay. We are strongly committed to our partnership with you, which is expressed in our motto, “Working together to fund Washington’s future.”

The Department of Revenue's mission is to fairly and efficiently collect revenues and administer programs to fund public services and advocate for sound tax policy.

Our goal is to ensure that every time you contact the Department of Revenue, you receive a professional, timely and accurate response. That is our service commitment to you.

We're always eager to hear your suggestions. Please feel free to contact us with your comments or questions about Washington State's taxes.

I hope that our website contains the information you need and that you take advantage of those services that we offer.

Vikki Smith
Acting Director

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