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Appeals Process

  • Increase the percentage of decisions issued within 12 months of filing.

    Audit Process

  • Issue 85% of audits to the taxpayer within 30 calendar days of the exit conference.
  • Provide fair and equitable treatment to taxpayers during an audit.

    Taxpayer Refunds

  • Taxpayer refunds not requiring field audit verification will be completed within ten business days of receipt by the Department.

    Phone Process

  • Answer 80% of phone calls within two minutes in the Taxpayer Assistance Phone Center.

    Claims Process

  • Refund 80% of Unclaimed Property monetary requests within ten business days.
  • Refund 80% of Unclaimed Property non-monetary requests within 30 business days.

    Letter Process

  • Provide answers to 75% of written ruling requests within ten business days.

    Taxpayer Advocate

  • Respond to 100% of Taxpayer Rights inquiries within one business day.

    Public Records Request

  • Respond to 100% of written public record requests within five business days.