Tax Statistics 1999

Section III

Property Tax Levies and Collections
Table 27 Indicated Property Tax Rations by County, by Assessment Years, 1994-1999
Table 28 Property Tax Ratios by County; Real, Personal, and Indicated Ratios, Assessment Years 1998-1999
Table 29 Comparison of Real Property Assessed Values; 1998 and 1999
Table 30 1999 Valuation of Current Use Land by County; Agricultural, Timber and Open Space Lands Approved for Current UseAssessment
Table 31 1999 Valuation of Forest Land; Privately-Owned Classified and Designated Forest Land by County
Table 32 1999 Valuation Senior Citizen Property; Regular Levy Exemption for Eligible Senior Citizens
Table 33 1999 Assessed Valuation of Locally Assessed Personal Property by County
Table 34 1999 Valuation of State-Assessed Vessels; Commerical Boats Subject to Property Tax
Table 35 1999 Assessed and Actual Value of All Taxable Property and Computation of 1999 State Property Tax Levy