Tax Statistics 2000

Section III

Property Tax Levies and Collections

Table 29 Indicated Property Tax Ratios by County, by Assessment Years, 1995-2000
Table 30 Property Tax Ratios by County; Real, Personal, and Indicated Ratios, Assessment Years 1999-2000
Table 31 Comparison of Real Property Assessed Values; 1999 and 2000
Table 32 2000 Valuation of Current Use Land by County; Agricultural, Timber and Open Space Lands Approved for Current UseAssessment
Table 33 2000 Valuation of Forest Land; Privately-Owned Classified and Designated Forest Land by County
Table 34 2000 Valuation of Senior Citizen Property; Regular Levy Exemption and Frozen Residential Values for Eligible Senior Citizens
Table 35 2000 Assessed Valuation of Locally Assessed Personal Property by County
Table 36 2000 Valuation of State-Assessed Vessels; Commercial Boats Subject to Property Tax
Table 37 Summary of Public Service Company Values, Real and Personal Property Values by Type of Utility, Calendar Years 1999 and 2000
Table 38 2000 Assessed and Actual Value of All Taxable Property and Computation of 2000 State Property Tax Levy