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To provide more timely information for our customers, tables in the Property Tax Statistics will be released throughout the year.

Property Tax Statistics 2014

State Levy Tables

  • Comparison of Real Property Assessed Values
  • Locally Assessed Personal Property by County
  • Locally Assessed Real Property by County
  • State-Assessed Vessels
  • Public Service Company Values
  • Assessed and Actual Value of all Taxable Property and Computation of the State Levy
  • Assessment Ratios by County

  • Current Use and Designated Forest Land

  • Current Use Summary
  • Valuation of Current Use Land by County
  • Current Use Land by Type and County (New)
  • Designated Forest Land by County

  • 2013 Collections Tables

  • 2013 Property Tax Collections Summary
  • Current Property Tax Roll and Collections
  • Historical Current Property Taxes
  • Delinquent Property Tax Roll and Collections
  • Historical Delinquent Property Taxes
  • Graph: Delinquent Property Taxes and Recessions
  • Current and Delinquent Property Taxes
  • Historical Current and Delinquent Property Taxes

    Local Levy Tables (Available in September)

    • Valuations and Average Tax Rates
    • Total Assessed Values of All Taxable Property by County
    • Assessed Value of Selected Districts by County
    • Chart: Growth in Assessed Valuations
    • Chart: Change in Value of Existing Properties
    • Chart: County Percentage of Statewide Tax Base
    • Population and Per Capita Assessed Values


    • Levies Due Summary
    • Comparison of Levies by County
    • Chart: Change in Levies Due
    • Property Taxes by Fund
    • Levies Due by Major Taxing District and County
    • School Maintenance and Operation Levies
    • Levies Due by Type and Source by County
    • Senior Taxing District Levies Due
    • Junior Taxing District Levies Due
    • School District Levies Due


    • Comparison of Effective Rates for Taxes Due
    • Comparison of Average Rates by Year Due
    • Comparison of Regular and Special Levy Rates Due

      Additional Information

    • Senior Relief Summary
    • Impact of Senior Property Tax Relief
    • Number of Taxing Districts by Type
    • Property Tax Legislation
    • Significant Events in Property Tax History: King County Assessor