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Special Electronic Meeting
November 25, 2008

Committee E-Mail Comment:

Rep. Ross Hunter:

From: Hunter, Rep. Ross [mailto:Hunter.Ross@leg.wa.gov]
Sent: Tue 11/25/2008 9:37 AM
To: Dang, Jessica (DOR); Bueing, Ron; Burnham, Shellie (DOR); COLLIER, STEVE; Dacca, Joseph; Dr. Ben Kim; GENKINGER, CATE; Holmstrom, Cindi (DOR); Justin, Jim; Kilmer, Sen. Derek; Mattos, Liz; Moore, Victor; Murray, Julie; Orcutt, Rep. Ed; Paula Borhauer; Pedersen, Marilyn; Prem, Rich; Reid, Bruce; Silverman, Greg; Bodine, Tina; York, Amber; Zarelli, Sen. Joseph
Subject: RE: Digital Goods Draft Memo & Final Report

Absent hearing substantive concerns about the second draft conclusion I intend to use it as the base for consideration in this afternoon’s phone meeting. I would hope that we would not try to make major changes to the text during the phone meeting. If you have serious concerns please send them to Drew Shirk this morning so we can try to get another draft out.

If you have non-substantive amendments please also send those to Drew. I will then queue up the proposed changes and walk through them in the meeting.

My goal is to have the meeting take very little time.


Please direct questions about the study to one of the following persons:

Gil Brewer
     Drew Shirk
     Becky Hufana