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Special Electronic Meeting
November 25, 2008

Committee E-Mail Comment:

Steve Collier:

Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 11:01 AM
To: Hunter, Rep. Ross; Dang, Jessica (DOR); Bueing, Ron; Burnham, Shellie (DOR); Dacca, Joseph; Dr. Ben Kim; GENKINGER, CATE; Holmstrom, Cindi (DOR); Justin, Jim; Kilmer, Sen. Derek; Mattos, Liz; Moore, Victor; Murray, Julie; Orcutt, Rep. Ed; Paula Borhauer; Pedersen, Marilyn; Prem, Rich; Bruce Reid (TAX); Silverman, Greg; Bodine, Tina; York, Amber; Zarelli, Sen. Joseph
Subject: RE: Digital Goods Draft Memo & Final Report

It works for me.  Did anyone try putting together an executive summary?


Please direct questions about the study to one of the following persons:

Gil Brewer
     Drew Shirk
     Becky Hufana