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The following nine tables present the values determined during calendar year 2009 for utility companies that operate on an intercounty basis in Washington State. These values are determined by the Department of Revenue and apply for property taxes due and payable during 2010. The first eight tables contain information for the various types of public service companies which are subject to central assessment. The ninth is a synopsis of the same information presented on a county basis.

Actual values are the assessed values for the companies which are determined by the Department's appraisers. The equalized amounts reflect the apportionment of the values to the counties' tax rolls, reflecting the prevailing level of assessment in each county. Real property generally includes the value of land and structures; personal property comprises machinery and equipment (and, in the case of power companies, hydroelectric dams).

Prior to 2000 these tables were published in the annual Tax Statistics report. In order to make the data available earlier, as well as to save publication costs, they are now presented only on the Department's website and in both Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel formats.

Table 1:    Air Transportation Companies PDF | Excel
Table 2:   Electric Light and Power Companies PDF | Excel
Table 3:    Gas Companies (distribution of natural gas) PDF | Excel
Table 4:    Pipeline Companies PDF | Excel
Table 5:   Private Car Companies (operation of railroad cars) PDF | Excel
Table 6:    Railroad Companies PDF | Excel
Table 7:   Telecommunications Companies PDF | Excel
Table 8:    Wireless Telephone Companies PDF | Excel
Table 9:    Synopsis of Utility Values by County PDF | Excel