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RCW 39.26.140(1) requires that prior to the contract start date, agencies must make sole source contracts available for public inspection for a period of 10 working days.

RCW 39.26.130(2) requires that a state agency must make emergency contract information available for public inspection within 3 business days of commencing work or executing the contract.

In accordance with the Department of Enterprise Services Policies DES-140-00 and DES-130-00, the Department of Revenue’s Sole Source and Emergency contracts are listed below.

  • If you would like a copy of a contract listed below, please use the contact information below to request a copy.
  • For additional contract opportunities, please visit the Washington Electronic Business Solutions Webpage (WEBS).


Start date Vendor Name Contract Purpose Contact Information
6-17-2013 Jabez and Associates (dba Edge Global Advisors) Sole Source Contract: For the provision of obtaining a perpetual Licensing Agreement that will allow the Department to use the vendor's Respect Program training curriculum and Application Models. Niki L. Pavlicek
5-21-2014 Xypro Technology Corporation Sole Source Contract: Provides for a systems health review of software that is created exclusively by Xypro.  The software products that are part of the review include software that is sold exclusively by Xypro (Xygate XPC, XCM, & XPQ) as well as Xypro software that is bundled with HP NonStop OS software (Xygate XAC & XMA).

Brittany Westbrooke

2-12-2015 Sierra-Cedar, Inc. Sole Source Contract:  Provides test lead/manager and additional testing resources in connection with its preparation for the implementation of a new enterprise tax and licensing system (the TLSR Project).

James Gayton, DORTLSRProject@dor.wa.gov