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Our Vision

To achieve the highest level of voluntary compliance and customer service through collaboration and innovation.

Our Mission

To fairly and efficiently collect revenues and administer programs to fund public services and advocate sound tax policy.

Our Goals

  • Make conducting business with the department clear, simple, and efficient
  • Develop, retain and value a high quality, diverse workforce
  • Promote correct and timely reporting and payment of taxes
  • Promote fairness and consistency in the development and application of tax law
  • Promote efficiency and protect the agency's integrity

Our Values

Open communication

We seek first to understand and are respectful in all communications.


We work together to achieve shared goals in a supportive environment.


We honor different perspectives and treat people with courtesy.


We are honest and ethical.


We perform to the highest standards of conduct.


We take responsibility for the results of our actions.


We seek continuous improvement in all we do.