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Dec 8 Northwest Snowplows Owner Pleads Guilty to Felony Theft of Sales Tax (pdf)
Dec 5 State and Local Taxes Drop to Lowest Level in 50 Years (pdf)
Nov 30 Department Creates New Listserv to Keep Taxpayers Informed (pdf)
Nov 22 Spokane Auto Dealer Charged with Felony Theft of Sales Tax (pdf)
Nov 9 New federal bill could generate $483 million for Washington during next biennium (pdf)
Nov 6 Peninsula restaurant owner charged with felony theft of sales tax, filing false state tax returns (pdf)
Nov 3 Department of Revenue's Yakima Field Office to Close Part of Friday (pdf)
Oct 6 Taxable Retail Sales Increase 2.9 Percent during Second Quarter 2011 (pdf)
Sept 27 King County--Safeco Field Stadium Taxes to End Oct. 1 (pdf)
Sept 23 State Tax Revenues Reach $16 Billion during Fiscal Year 2011 (pdf)
Sept 13 Revenue Returns Unclaimed Property to a Record Number of Claimants (pdf)
Aug 30 Lakewood Retailer Pleads Guilty to Filing False Tax Returns (pdf)
Aug 18 Property Tax Revenue Increased 4 Percent in 2011 (pdf)
Aug 15 Retailers: U.S. Department of State Issuing New Diplomatic Tax Exemption Cards (pdf)
Aug 11 Tri-Cities Homebuilder Charged with Tax Fraud (pdf)
Aug 1 King County Stadium Taxes to End Oct. 1 (pdf)
July 8 Taxable Retail Sales Increase 1.5 Percent during First Quarter 2011 (pdf)
July 7 Department of Revenue to close Everett office, open Bothell office to the public (pdf)
July 1 Business Licensing Service Shifts to Revenue (pdf)
June 29 Report Recommends Centralizing Administration of State and local B&O Taxes (pdf)
June 27 Comparison of County Assessor Statistics Published Online (pdf)
May 13 Unclaimed Property Auction Features Lost Treasures (pdf)
May 11 Master License Service Transfers to Department of Revenue (pdf)
May 4 Taxable Retail Sales Decline 0.1 Percent during Calendar Year 2010 (pdf)
May 3 State Tax Amnesty Program Generates $320.7 million (pdf)
Apr 20 Revenue Official Named Winner of National Tax Leadership Award (pdf)
Apr 19 Northwest Snowplows Owner charged with Felony Theft of Sales Tax (pdf)
Apr 15 Lakewood Retailer Charged with Filing False Tax Returns (pdf)
Apr 13 Flooring contractor gets six months in jail for conducting business after license revocation (pdf)
Apr 11 New legislation requires quarterly taxpayers to file and pay electronically (pdf)
Apr 6 Holiday Shoppers Drive 5.8 Percent Increase in Retail Sales during Fourth Quarter 2010 (pdf)
Apr 1 No Fooling: You May Have Unclaimed Property (pdf)
Mar 22 Time's running out to apply for Dept. of Revenue's amnesty program (pdf)
Mar 21 Telephone Scammers Are Again Targeting State Businesses (pdf)
Mar 4 Suspectfraud.wa.gov Helps Consumers “Check with the State Before It’s Too Late” (pdf)
Feb 3 Sales Tax Applies to Prepaid Calling Cards (pdf)
Feb 1 Temporary Amnesty Program Starts Today (pdf)
Jan 27 Revenue Seeks Business Input on Tax Simplification (pdf)
Jan 11 Revenue Offers Free Workshops for Holders of Unclaimed Property (pdf)
Jan 5 Taxable Retail Sales Increase 0.2 Percent during Third Quarter 2010 (pdf)
Jan 3 Revenue Improves Address Search for Sales Tax Rates (pdf)

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