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The Department of Revenue is subject to the Washington Public Records Act, Chapter 42.56 RCW. Many public records are available on the Revenue Website at the following links:

For information on: Go to:
A specific business Business Records Database (BRD)
Business Licenses and Endorsements Business License Lookup
Open Data on tax collections, forecasts, statistics, reports, and studies Get statistics and reports
Tax Incentives and Preferences: Surveys and Reports Public Disclosure Reports
Unclaimed Property ClaimYourCash.org
Revenue Forms and Publications Get a form or publication
Rule-making process, advisories, decisions and opinions Public Records Index-Rule Making and Final Opinions
Online Tax Research Tool including DOR and state laws, rules and tax documents Taxpedia
Other public records Public Records Index

Releasing confidential customer information

Much of the information collected and held by the Department of Revenue for its customers is confidential and exempt from the Public Records Act. Various laws restrict access to taxpayer and business information and exempt these records from the Public Records Act, including:

Public information is available on the Revenue website, related to the sites above. To obtain confidential information about a specific taxpayer or business, use the following forms:


Other Public Records forms

The law prohibits the Department of Revenue from releasing lists of individuals or taxpayers to requestors if the request is made for a commercial purpose. You must submit one of the following forms and describe the purpose of your request:


To submit a public records request

You may make a Public Records Request for available Department of Revenue records by using one of the following options:

In your request, please identify and describe in detail the records you are requesting. Please include the subject matter, date range, types of records requested and appropriate divisions or programs. Failure to provide sufficient information to locate the records you request may cause delay.

Charges for copies

The Department of Revenue may charge for copies of public records. Please see the Statement of Costs for more information.

For more information about public records requests