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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

The EFT program involves the transfer of funds by electronic means. The transactions are initiated by the taxpayer and then a financial institution moves the funds.

There are two EFT payment options:

  • EFT debit - You provide the Department with your bank account information and authorize the Department to withdraw specific funds from your bank account. There is no additional cost to use this payment option and you only enter your bank account information one time unless it changes.
  • EFT credit - You authorize your financial institution to send funds to the Department's bank account. Your financial institution may charge a fee for this service.


If you file electronically, you can pay by e-check. The transaction is free and only gives the Department permission to withdraw the amount that you authorize. You will need to enter your bank account information for each transaction.

Credit Card

E-filing your tax return gives you the option of paying with a credit card. You can pay your taxes with an American Express, Discover, Master Card, or Visa credit card. A convenience fee for processing credit card payments is a flat 2.5% ($1.00 minimum) for all taxpayers.


You may pay by paper check only if you are:

  • An annual filer.
  • A monthly or quarterly filer with a waiver from the mandatory E-File/E-Pay requirement.


If you receive a bill from the Department of Revenue for excise tax, you can make your payment over the phone using your credit card. The pay by phone option is only available to taxpayers who receive an invoice from the Department for outstanding excise tax. Call 1-800-2PAY-TAX (1-800-272-9829) (O-PAY).

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