Line 27

Write the total tax due from page 1, lines 1-6.  This includes totals for B&O tax.


Line 28

Write the total tax due from page 2, line 18.  This includes totals for State Sales & Use tax, Local Sales & Use tax, Motor Vehicle Sales/Leases, King County Food & Beverage tax, and Litter tax.


Line 29

If you have an addendum (e.g. Local Sales & Use Tax Addendum, Lodging Addendum), write the total tax due of all addendums on line 29.


Line 30

Add lines 27 – 29 and write the total on line 31.


Line 31

Write the total amount of credits from page 2, line 26.


Line 32

Subtract line 31 from line 30 and write the total on line 32.


Line 33

If you file this return after the due date, see the penalty rates located on the lower left-hand corner of page 1 of the tax return.  Multiply the penalty rate by the subtotal on line 32 and write this amount on line 33.  There is no penalty if no tax is due. 


If you are filing late and are requesting a waiver of penalty, please check the box at the lower left-hand side of page two and attach a written request.  The request must explain the circumstances that caused your tax return to be filed late.  The Department may waive penalties or interest if the return was late because of circumstances beyond your control.


Line 34

Add lines 32 and 33.  This is the amount you owe.



Still need help?  Call 1-800-647-7706 for help completing your tax return.



Finishing Your Tax Return

To help us process your tax return, please:

    1. Write your Tax Registration Number/UBI number on:
        • The top of your tax return
        • The deduction detail sheet (if you are making deductions)
        • All addendums
        • Your check
    2. Make sure the gross amounts reported were earned during the reporting period shown on the return.
    3. Attach the Deduction Detail page and any credit schedules or addendums to your return, if applicable.
    4. Sign and date the return.
    5. Write a daytime phone number, including area code.
    6. Make a copy of the return for your files.
    7. Make your check payable to Washington State Department of Revenue
    8. Do not staple your check to your return.  Do not mail cash or coins.
    9. Mail the original return and payment, if due, in the self-addressed envelope that was sent with your return.  If you do not have a self-addressed envelope, mail the return to the address listed at the lower left-hand side of page 1.



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