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ETA No. Rule Issue Date
201 Foreign currency accepted at par value Cancelled 2/2/09
202 Construction of private roads intended to be dedicated to the county Cancelled 2/2/09
203 "Utility Boxes" used to ship cargo in interstate commerce Cancelled 2/2/09
204 Purchase and installation of fixtures and equipment on a vessel owned by another Cancelled 2/2/09
206 Restoration of a fishing vessel in this state for exhibition purposes by an in another state Cancelled 6/29/07
208 Sale of abrasives and masking tape for use in the performance of automobile painting contract Cancelled 12/29/06
209 Reimbursements for temporary relacation of utility facilities Cancelled 2/2/09
210 Coin operated ski waxing and bowling ball polishing machines Cancelled 12/29/06
213 Distinction between "Manufacturing" and "Altering" activities Cancelled 12/29/06
215 Repair work on goods damanged in transit as ordered by the shipper and the carrier Cancelled 2/2/09
216 Chemicals and other articles used in purifying water Cancelled
217 Chemicals used in processing by the pulp industry Cancelled 2/2/09
218 Chemicals used in processing to remove gases from steel furnaces Repealed
220 Airplaines used on vessels engaged in commercial deep sea fishing operations Cancelled 2/2/09
222 Purchase of personalty for resale as realty Cancelled 2/2/09
226 Automobile sales arranged by out-of-state firm but consummated through in-state Cancelled 6/29/07
229 Determination of minumum value of tanglible personal property Cancelled 2/2/09
232 Parking fees as income from rental or real estate Cancelled 2/2/09
235 Purchase of billboards: Real property or tangible personal property Cancelled 2/2/09
237 Sales tax exemption for sales of cattle and milk cows Cancelled
238 Building sold exclusive of the land upon which they are situated Cancelled 12/29/06
240 Use and manufacturing tax on production of molds used to produce finished product Cancelled 3/28/2008
241 Cherry processing which includes brine curing, washing, pitting, sizing and sorting Repealed
244 Layaway charges Cancelled 2/2/09
245 Investment income of a brokerage business
249 Interstate sales and consignor as agent of seller Repealed