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ETA No. Rule Issue Date
251 Nonprofit corporation purchasing equipment with federal funds Repealed
253 Sales of natural gas transported from origins without the state to points within the state Cancelled 2/2/09
254 Livery service businessesl Cancelled 1-29-09
255 Public road construction for private individuals Cancelled 2/2/09
257 Insurance charges by public grain warehouses Repealed
258r05 National guard post exchange sales Cancelled 2/7/2005
259 Sales to public roads contractor for use outside the state Cancelled 3/28/2008
262 Snow removal and power sweeping of parking lots Cancelled 2/2/09
264 Paving cuts Cancelled 2/2/09
265 Extermination and pest control services Cancelled 2/2/09
268r05 Indian owned corporation doing business on a reservation

Cancelled 01/27/05

269r06 Out-of-state engineering firm performing services in this state which are incidental to those performed by its out-of-state office Cancelled 1/30/06
270r06 Interest income derived from the extension of credit to a party in another state by a Washington taxpayer with business sites in both states Cancelled 1/30/06
275 Deeding of land to contractor building house for landowner Repealed
276 Sales tax computed on a contract price including sales tax paid by contractor Cancelled 2/2/09
277 Posting services performed by an outdoor advertising company on billboards owned and controlled by the customer Cancelled 2/2/09
278 Amounts received by one corporation for two affiliated corporations to cover the costs of research Cancelled 2/2/09
279 Corporation holding a contract for the sale of castings supplied by an affiliate Cancelled 2/2/09
280r06 Commissions earned on interstate sales

Cancelled 1/30/06

281 Interstate mail delivery by vendor of goods sold Cancelled 6/29/07
283 Please see WAC 458-20-211.
Sales tax liabliity on lease-purchase agreements
286 Freight forwarders Cancelled 12/29/06
288 Deeds of trust - trustee fees Cancelled 2/2/09
289 Agricultural fair association exemption Cancelled 2/2/09
291 Please see WAC 458-20-239.
Parts and repairs for farm machinery of nonresidents
298 Sales tax not to be withheld on public works progress estimates Cancelled 2/2/09
299r04 Retail sales tax refunds

Cancelled 6/30/2004

300 Patronage dividends of cooperative associations Cancelled 2/2/09