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ETA No. ETA Title Status
3001 Excise Tax Advisories Cross Reference Table 2/2/09
3002 Cancellation of Interpretive Statements 2/2/09
3003 Taxability of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong 2/2/09
3004 Reimbursements for Performance Bond Premiums 2/2/09
3005 Intervening Use 2/2/09
3005.R1 Intervening Use 12/31/09
3006 Direct Seller’s Use of the Internet, Mail Orders, Direct Calls, etc. 8/5/10
3007.r10 Occupational Medicine Services and the Preferential B&O Rate under RCW 82.04.263 4/26/10
3008 Credit Cards Service Charges on Transactions 2/2/09
3009 Sale of Tangible Personal Property by a Joint Venturer to the Joint Venture 2/2/09
3010 Employee Repayment of Gasoline Costs 2/2/09
3011 Railroad Switching of Interstate Carriers 2/2/09
3012 Cash Shortages and Cash Overages 2/2/09
3013 Rental Value of a One-Use Article 2/2/09
3014 Manufacturing Contaminant Incidentally Used for Other Purposes 2/2/09
3015 Camping Clubs Receiving Initiation Fees and Dues Income 2/2/09
3016 Automobile Towing and Roadside Assistance Services 2/28/11
3017 Sale of School Photographs 2/2/09
3018 Dismantling of Equipment as Retail Sales 2/2/09
3019 How are Port Charges for Dockage, Berthage, and Moorage of Ocean VEssels Taxed 4/29/14
3020 Measure of Manufacturing Tax on Articles Produced Partly Within and Partly Outside the State 2/2/09
3021 A Statement of Purpose and Intent with Respect to Issues Involving
the Forestry Products Industry
3022 Retail Sales Tax on Items Used in Meat Processing 2/2/09
3023 “Clearing of Land and Moving of Earth” Include Removal of Log Dams and Cleaning Settling Ponds 2/2/09
3024 Public Works Contracts 9/27/13
3025 Construction of Private Roads Intended to be Dedicated to the County 2/2/09
3026 "Utility Boxes" Used to Ship Cargo in Interstate Commerce 2/2/09
3027 Purchase and Installation of Fixtures and Equipment on a Vessel Owned by Another 2/2/09
3028 Payments for Temporary Relocation of Utility Facilities 2/2/09
3029 Determination of Minimum Value of Tangible Personal Property 2/2/09
3030 Parking Fees as Income from Rental of Real Estate 2/2/09
3031 Layaway Charges 2/2/09
3032 Taxation of Amounts Received Through Sales of Abandoned Vehicles 2/2/09
3033 Public Road Construction for Private Individuals 2/2/09
3034 Snow Removal and Power Sweeping of Parking Lots and Roads 2/2/09
3035 Paving Cuts 2/2/09
3036 Extermination and Pest Control Services 2/2/09
3036.R109 Extermination and Pest Control Services 12/31/09
3037 Posting Services Performed by an Outdoor Advertising Company on Billboards Owned and Controlled by the Customer 2/2/09
3038 Deeds of Trust--Trustee Fees 2/2/09
3039 Agricultural Fair Association Exemption 2/2/09
3040 Chemicals Used in Processing by the Pulp Industry 2/2/09
3040.R109 Chemicals Used in Processing by the Pulp Industry 12/31/09
3041 Patronage Dividends of Cooperative Associations 2/2/09
3042 Statute of Limitations Is Not a Defense When a Material Fact Is Misrepresented 2/2/09
3043 Low-Density Light and Power Utility Deduction 05/12/15
3044 Use Tax Modification to Aircraft Dealers 2/2/09
3045 Materials Used in Welding Processes 2/2/09
3046 Tax Liability of Charter Boat Owners and Charter Agencies‑‑Reporting Instructions 2/2/09
3047 Retail Sales Taxes Imposed on Telecommunications Used to Provide Internet Access 4/20/15
3048 Lease Cancellation Payment 2/2/09
3049 Component Parts of Watercraft:  Life Preservers 2/2/09