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ETA No. Rule Issue Date
356 Use Tax: Rentals put to personal use Cancelled 1-29-09
357 Bailments: Handling and cleaning charges Cancelled 1-29-09
359 Inventory transfers to branches prior to opening Cancelled
360 Retail sales tax: constitutional issues Repealed
361 Retail sales and use tax: soldiers and sailors civil relief act Cancelled 2/2/09
364 Component parts of watercraft: life preservers Cancelled 2/2/09
365 Dump truck operators Cancelled 2/2/09
366 Road construction under federal timber purchase agreements Repealed
367 Clearing land and moving earth for commercial farmers Repealed
369 Retail sales tax: tree-planting and tree-thinning Repealed
370 Retail sales tax: off-site construction Cancelled 2/2/09
372 Retail sales tax: public road construction Cancelled 2/2/09
373 Retail sales tax: logging performed as an incident to construction of privately owned roads Repealed
374 Form oil purchased by building contractors Cancelled 2/2/09
376 Speculative builders in joint ventures Cancelled 1-29-09
377 Retail sales tax: contract reimbursements Cancelled 2/2/09
378r04 Transient Guests – Message service charges Cancelled 6/20/2004
379 Laundry equipment used in facilitating sales Cancelled 2/2/09
381 Wholesale sales of rye and milo. (The document provides an incorrect statutory citation and incorrect tax rates). Cancelled
383 Business tax upon sale or lease of patents Cancelled 2/2/09
386 Consignee or seller Cancelled 6/29/07
387 Title insurance companies’ retail sales tax liability upon supplies Cancelled 1-29-09
392 Electroplates manufactured and used outside the state Cancelled 2/2/09
394 Activities for his own use or incidental to the taxpayer’s major activity Repealed
395 In-state sales of manufactured raw seafood products Repealed
397 Please see WAC 458-20-140
Photo-finishing for out-of-state customers
398 Combining items to achieve a special purpose product in manufacturing Repealed