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ETA No. Rule Issue Date
502 Suitable records - Timber harvesters Cancelled
504 Sales to or by Indians Cancelled
506 Please see WAC 458-20-193
Nexus presumption
507 Stimulating wholesale sales by promoting retail sales Cancelled 2/2/09
508 Please see WAC 458-20-193
Nexus: Employees or sellers’ agent
509 Please see WAC 458-20-193
Business and occupation tax on local services of nonselling resident managers
511 Warehouse as retail outlet for city/county sales tax Cancelled 3/28/2008
512r04 Food products sold through convenience food sales locations Cancelled 6/20/2004
514r04 Dietary supplements Cancelled 6/20/2004
516 Donations to meal providers Cancelled 2/2/09
519 Reporting procedures for qualified medical service associations Cancelled 2/2/09
520 Please see WAC 458-20-211
Water conditioning services
521 1982 standard deduction - radio and television broadcasting
Cancelled 6/29/07
526 Taxability of core drilling Repealed
527 Local sales to Washington consumers who "pickup" goods outside this state Repealed
532 Taxation of amounts received through sales of abandoned vehicles Cancelled 2/2/09
535r04 Alternative credit computation formula - seasonal employment manufacturers

Cancelled 12/1/2004

536r04 Kidney dialysis machines and heart pacemakers sales and use tax exempt Cancelled 6/20/2004
537 Effective date for claiming MATC credits Repealed
538 Hazardous substance tax -- exclude substances already possessed Repealed
539 Hazardous substance tax line itemizing customer billing -- tax measure Repealed
540r05 Special hazardous substance tax applications Cancelled
541 Tax liabilities on forest landowners and harvesters: sale of standing timber vs. sale of logs Repealed
542 Sales tax - Charges for towing damaged or inoperable vehicles for repair Cancelled 2/2/09
543 Eligibility of taxes for multiple activities tax credits (MATC) Cancelled 2/2/09
544 Telephone answering service - services or retail sales Cancelled 2/2/09
545 Bankruptcy liquidations: sales and use tax Cancelled 2/2/09
547 Excise tax bulletins cancelled 6/18/90
548 Use of market comparisons by golf businesses reporting on the " actual records of facilities usage" method Cancelled 2/2/09
549-3S Excise tax bulletins Cancelled
549-2S Excise tax bulletins Cancelled
549-1S Excise tax bulletins Cancelled
549 More excise tax bulletins Cancelled
550 Deduction requirements for certain log hauls by truck Repealed