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Below are drafts of interpretive statements. They have not been adopted yet. For information regarding the drafts below, email us or call 1-800-647-7706.  

ETA XXXX.20XX Money Transfer Services

Brief description
The Department anticipates issuing a new Excise Tax Advisory (ETA) titled Money Transfer Services. This ETA explains how to attribute fees from money transfer services for apportionment purposes.

Draft ETA
ETA XXXX.20XX Money Transfer Services

Related statutes and rules
See RCW 82.04.460; RCW 82.04.462; WAC 458-20-19402

Planned stakeholder meetings
None at this time.

Public comment period
The Department requests comments and stakeholder feedback related to this ETA no later than March 1, 2017. After a review of the feedback, if any, the Department will consider the appropriate next steps in the issuance process.

How to make a public comment
If you wish to make a public comment or have general questions about this ETA, contact Danitza Casselman at DanitzaC@dor.wa.gov.
Any written comments received will be retained as part of the official Tax Advisory file.