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WAC 212 Insurance adjusters - Repealed effective 06/03/12    
WAC: 458-20-212 05/03/12 WAC 458-20-212 Insurance adjusters; and
WAC 458-20-164 Insurance producers, adjusters - Title insurance agents - Surplus line brokers
The Department has amended WAC AC 458-20-164 (Rule 164) Insurance producers, adjusters – Title insurance agents –
Surplus line brokers to update information currently provided in the rule. The amended Rule 164:
Recognizes legislation changing terms from “insurance agents, brokers, or solicitors” to “insurance producers,” and the
addition of “title insurance agents” in chapter 82.04 RCW (chapter 217, Laws of 2008);
Includes language recognizing economic nexus;
Includes language regarding to “surplus line brokers” (chapter 162, Laws of 2009);
Includes a new subsection providing tax information for insurance adjusters, which is currently addressed in Rule 212.
Rule 212 is, as a result, being repealed; Does not include portions of previous subsection (5) Special classification for certain managing general agents as that information is no longer needed. These taxpayers report under the “Insurance producers, title insurance agents, or surplus line broker commissions” B&O tax classification;  Includes a new subsection covering purchases subject to retail sales or use tax; and Includes examples and subsection headings to provide information to readers in a more useful manner. 
  458-20-212   05/29/1970 Insurance adjusters.Effective 7/1/70
  48.17     Agents, brokers, solicitors, and adjusters
  82.04.290   1995 Tax on selected business services, financial businesses, or other business or service activities.
ETA: None      
INDUSTRY GUIDES:   11/01/2011 Insurance Industry
DIRECTIVE: None      
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WTD: None