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WAC 242A Pollution control exemption and/or credits for single purpose facilities‚Ķ          
WAC: 458-20-242A   03/30/1983 Pollution control exemption and/or credits for single purpose facilities added to existing production plants to meet pollution control requirements and which are separately identifiable equipment principally for pollution control.  
RCW: 82.34     Pollution control facilities -- Tax exemptions and credits.  
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Power Businesses   02/11/2002 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Light and Power Businesses  
RPM: NONE        
WTD: 1 WTD 399 106WN2D587   TAX CREDITS -- POLLUTION CONTROL FACILITIES -- STATE CREDIT -- REDUCTION FOR FEDERAL CREDITS -- EMPLOYEE STOCK OWNERSHIP PLAN. Under RCW 82.34.060(2)(d), which requires the state excise tax credit for pollution control facilities to be reduced by any federal investment credits received by the taxpayer in conjunction with the pollution control project, federal tax credits incident to a taxpayer's establishment of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan are "received," not by the taxpayer, but by the plan for the benefit of the employees.  
  5 WTD 25 88-15   POLLUTION CONTROL CREDIT -- "NET COMMERCIAL VALUE OF RECOVERED PRODUCTS" -- COSTS INCURRED IN PROCESSING". Only those processing and overhead costs incurred after a "product" is "recovered" may offset the "net commercial value of recovered products" when calculating the pollution control credit for a single purpose facility.  
  6 WTD 193 88-268   POLLUTION CONTROL CREDIT -- DENIAL OF CREDIT -- CERTIFICATE IN FORCE -- FACILITY TEMPORARILY NOT OPERATING. The Department is without authority to deny the credit authorized by chapter 82.34 RCW while a pollution control certificate is in force on grounds that a pollution control facility is not operating. In order for the Department to revoke or modify a certificate, a pollution control agency must revise findings after notice and opportunity for hearing.  
  8 WTD 407 89-524   B&O TAX -- CREDIT-POLLUTION CONTROL -- "NET COMMERCIAL VALUE OF RECOVERED PRODUCTS" -- COMPUTATION. In deriving net commercial value, all verifiable costs, except the cost of the facility or depreciation, associated with the recovered or captured material are deducted from the gross commercial value to arrive at net commercial value.