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What is the litter tax?

It is a tax on manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of certain products which contribute to the litter problem in this state.

The 13 categories of products subject to the litter tax are:

  • food for human or pet consumption
  • groceries
  • cigarettes and tobacco products
  • soft drinks and carbonated beverages
  • beer and other malt beverages
  • wine
  • newspapers and magazines
  • household paper and paper products
  • glass containers
  • metal containers
  • plastic or fiber containers made of synthetic material
  • cleaning agents and toiletries
  • non-drug drugstore sundry items

How do I pay the tax?

It is reported on the excise tax return by taxpayers who manufacture or sell any of the listed products.

What rate do I pay?

The rate is .00015 of the taxable amount.

What are the funds used for?

The funds are used by Department of Ecology for a litter control program employing youth to clean up public places, and for public education and awareness programs relating to litter control and recycling.