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The Washington State Department of Revenue has made it possible for tax preparers to complete excise tax returns and “lock” them before business owners submit and pay their returns electronically. Tax professionals who prepare taxes for several businesses may find this especially helpful.

E-file tax returns can now be securely saved while they await approval and payment. Preparers, payers, and administrators can “lock” E-file tax returns. Its’ a simple process:

  1. A preparer fills out and locks the E-file return.
  2. The payer loads the return in E-file and submits the return and payment.

Payers may not change the amount due on a locked return. Returns can only be unlocked by the user who locked it, an administrator for the account, or the Department’s E-file Help Desk. Account activity will always show who locked and unlocked the return.

Remember, just as before, E-file works with compatible accounting software and also reviews your work for errors and omissions before you file via a secure, encrypted connection.