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Our Role

As Washington state's principal tax collection agency, the Department of Revenue oversees about 60 different taxes and:

  • Collects more than 90 percent of state General Fund tax revenues
  • Collects all local sales tax revenues
  • Processes 2.15 million tax returns a year from nearly 486,000 businesses filing monthly, quarterly, and annually
  • Processes over 523,000 business license application and renewals annually


Our Responsibilities

  • Provide taxpayer assistance, information, and education
  • Process $18.5 billion in revenues a year
  • Respond to more than 471,000 telephone calls through the Telephone Information Center
  • Conduct appeals
  • Administer property taxes
  • Develop tax legislation
  • Conduct tax and fiscal research
  • Manage the state's Unclaimed Property Program
  • Locate unregistered businesses
  • Audit and collect delinquent taxes
  • Enforce compliance
  • Administer special programs affecting timber, cigarette, real estate, leasehold, and estate taxes
  • Issue business licenses
  • Process corporate and business license renewals

General Fund FY 2008

More information

Organization Chart (pdf)

Strategic Business Plan | 2016-2021 (pdf)