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  • Find out if a business is registered – check Tax Registration Number or business name
    Unlicensed businesses are most likely to unlawfully keep collected sales tax and may not have the necessary training, education and licensing to do the job right.
  • Report unlicensed businesses
    Provide information about an unlicensed business for compliance officers to investigate. Report fraud online or call 1-800-647-7706.
    • Fraud reported to Revenue:
      • Unlicensed businesses operating in Washington
      • Business collecting, but not remitting, retail sales tax
      • Out-of-state licensed vehicle, vessel or plane used in Washington when use tax was not paid
  • Register and pay back taxes (Voluntary Disclosure Program)
    Come clean if you’ve been operating a business in Washington and are not registered.
  • Assistance for fraud victims:
    If you have been a victim of fraud, these resources may help you.