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Listed below is the Department of Revenue’s (Department) rule making agenda. This list identifies rules under development by the department, and those rules for which the Department at this time anticipates initiating some rule making action during the next 6 months.

The information on this site is continually updated as the Department files rule making notices, or as it otherwise adds or deletes rules that it anticipates some action over the next six months.  This includes rules that added or deleted as a result of resource allocation, legislation, court decisions, or changes in rule making priorities.

Additionally, the Department's semi-annual rule-making agenda is published in the Washington state register in January and July. 

Subject of rule making Rule Drafter Preliminary Proposal (CR-101 filing) Proposed Rule
(CR-102  or CR-105 filing)
Rule Adoption
(CR-103 filing)
Description of Anticipated Changes
458-18-220 Rates of interest
458-30-262 Farm and agricultural land values
458-30-590 Rate of inflation
Marilou Rickert N/A Anticipated



Must be amended by the 1st of January each year
458-40-540 Timber excise tax – Forest land values Mark Bohe Anticipated   WSR 14-01-097 effective Jan 1, 2014 Must be amended by the 1st of January each year
458-40-660 Timber excise tax – Stumpage value tables – Stumpage value adjustments Mark Bohe

WSR 14-06-087

No draft at this time

WSR 14-10-051

WSR 14-14-079

Effective July 1, 2014

Must be updated by the 1st  of January and July of each year
458-07-015 Revaluation fo real property – Annual counties Jay Jetter Anticipated     Update
458-12-010 Definition – Property – Real Jay Jetter   WSR 14-14-127   Correct citation
458-14-026 Assessment roll corrections agreed to by taxpayer Jay Jetter   Anticipated   Update
458-14-066 Requests for valuation information – Duty to exchange documentary information – Time limits Jay Jetter Anticipated     Update
458-14-095 Record of hearings Jay Jetter Anticipated     Update
458-16-300 Public meeting hall – Public meeting place – Community meeting hall Jay Jetter Anticipated     Update
458-19-050 Port district levies Jay Jetter Anticipated     Update

458-14-056 Petitions-Time limits

458-19-045 Lid lifts

458-19-055 Levy limit – Proration of earmarked funds

458-19-060 EMS levies
458-19-070 $5.90 limitation
458-19-075 Constitutional 1% limitation

458-19-085 Refunds – Procedures – Applicable limits

Jay Jetter N/A WSR 14-08-086 WSR 14-14-023 Update to recognize legislation
458-20-10004 Brief adjudicative proceedings for matters related to assessments and warrants for unpaid fees issued under chapter 59.30 RCW for manufactured and mobile home communities Mark Bohe WSR 14-02-107 WSR 14-06-089

WSR 14-13-098

Emergency Rule

WSR 14-07-050

Adopt emergency rule to explain the brief adjudicative proceedings to those impacted by agency actions related to RCW chapter 59.30
458-20-101 Tax registration and tax reporting Mark Bohe N/A WSR 14-07-055 WSR 14-13-093 Recognize 2013 legislation
458-20-140 Photographers and photofinishers Rich Cason Anticipated     Update
458-20-141 Duplicating activities and mailing bureaus Rich Cason Anticipated     Update
458-20-146 National and state banks, mutual savings banks, savings and loan associations and other financial institutions Gayle Carlson   Anticipated   Recognize 2013 legislation
458-20-153 Funeral directors
458-20-154 Cemeteries, crematories and columbaria
Rich Cason

WSR 09-07-088

153 Rule Draft

154 Rule Draft

WSR 13-14-107Anticipate refilling CR102 for a new Public Hearing

458-20-15503 Digital Products Caleb Allen   WSR 14-05-053 WSR 14-13-092 Recognize 2013 legislation
458-20-168 Hospitals, nursing homes, boarding homes, adult family homes and similar health care facilities Gayle Carlson WSR 14-04-126 WSR 14-11-085   Update
458-20-169 Nonprofit organizations Gayle Carlson   WSR 14-08-056 WSR 14-13-105 Recognize 2013 legislation
458-20-177 Sales of motor vechicles, campers and trailers to nonresident consumers Gayle Carlson WSR 14-14-129    
458-20-178 Use tax Gayle Carlson WSR 13-19-075 WSR 13-24-112 WSR 14-09-036 Update
458-20-17802 Collection of use tax by county auditors and department of licensing-Measure of tax Gayle Carlson

WSR 14-09-084

Draft will be available at a later time

458-20-183 Amusement, recreation, and physical fitness services Tim Jennrich WSR 11-19-063     Update
458-20-185 Tobacco products tax
458-20-186 Cigarette tax
Dave Hesford WSR 13-17-103 Anticipated   Update
458-20-18801 Prescription drugs, prosthetics, and medically prescribed oxygen Gayle Carlson WSR 14-04-126 WSR 14-11-085   Update
458-20-193 Inbound and outbound interstate sales of tangible personal property David Hesford WSR 12-03-007
458-20-210 Sales of tangible personal property for farming – Sales of agricultural products by farmers Gayle Carlson   WSR 14-09-098 WSR 14-14-091 Recognize 2013 legislation
458-20-240 Manufacturer’s new employee tax credits Joseph Vidal Anticipated     Update
458-20-24001 Sales and use tax deferral – Manufacturing and R&D activities in rural counties Joseph Vidal Anticipated     Update
458-20-241 Radio and television broadcasting Rich Cason WSR 13-15-146 Anticipated   Amend consistent with JLARC finding
458-20-245 Telephone business, telephone service Mark Bohe WSR 14-02-108 WSR 14-05-052 WSR 14-14-092 Update, Recognize 2013 legislation
458-20-255 Syrup tax Gayle Carlson WSR 13-18-073 WSR 14-01-081 WSR 14-14-085

Update - Public mtg. 10/8/13

458-20-257 Warranties and maintenance agreements Gayle Carlson WSR 12-06-072

WSR 12-23-051 Anticipate refiling CR102 for a new Public Hearing

  Update – a 2nd public hearing will be scheduled
458-20-261 Commute trip reduction incentives Mark Bohe   WSR 14-08-057 WSR 14-13-096 Recognize 2013 legislation
458-20-263 Sales and use tax exemptions for qualifying electric generating and heat producting systems using renewable energy sources Mark Bohe WSR 14-02-109 WSR 14-09-047 WSR 14-14-078 Update, Recognize 2013 legislation
458-20-267 Annual reports for certain tax adjustments Mark Bohe N/A WSR 14-14-126   Recognize 2014 legislation
458-20-268 Annual surveys for certain tax adjustments Mark Bohe   WSR 14-09-083 WSR 14-14-033 Recognize 2013 legislation
458-20-(New) Tax avoidance Melinda Mandell WSR 14-11-084     Recognize 2010 legislation
458-29A-600 Leasehold excise tax – Collection and administration Marilou Rickert   WSR 14-09-054 WSR 14-14-034 Recognize 2013 legislation
458-57-105 Nature of estate tax, definitions.
458-57-115 Valuation of property, property subject to estate tax, and how to calculate the tax.
458-57-125 Apportionment of tax when there are out-of-state assets.
458-57-175 Family-owned business interest deduction
Mark Bohe WSR 13-22-069 WSR 14-09-070 WSR 14-14-075 Recognize 2013 legislation
WAC 458-61A-202 Inheritance or devise
WAC 458-61A-303 Affidavit
      WSR 14-13-022 Recognize 2014 legislation.
458-61A-208 Foreclosure-Deeds in lieu of foreclosure-Sales pursuant to court order
Dave Hesford WSR 13-12-077


WSR 14-05-055 - Filed separate CR102 for 61A-208
WSR 14-09-053 Consider amending REET affidavit requirements for conveyances

458-02-100 to 300 (New)
For Repeal: 458-20-10101 &
Chapter 308-300 Consolidated Licensing Service

Wan Chen WSR 13-20-123 WSR 14-02-127 WSR 14-08-010 Repeal chapter and readopt needed information into another chapter.