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Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act Data
In July 2000, Congress passed P.L. 106-252, the Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act. The Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act provides that each state may provide vendors with an electronic database that assigns each address in the state to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction(s). Download DOR's file following the national-standard data format for matching street addresses with the proper taxing jurisdiction code.

Address/Sales Tax Rates Data
Build your own location code system by downloading the address files to integrate into your own accounting system.

Sales Tax Jurisdiction Boundaries
Download shapefiles representing the sales tax jurisdiction boundaries in Washington State.

Property Tax District Boundaries for Intercounty Utility Valuations
Download shapefiles representing the property tax district boundaries in Washington State.

Forest Tax Downloads
Shape files for Stumpage Valuation Areas (SVAs) and Haul Zones (HZ).

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