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[Tips for businesses filing state taxes in January]

Annual tax returns due Jan. 31

Get the information, links and resources you need to file on time.


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New feature allows businesses to print reseller permits

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[Surcharges added to restaurant bills]


Surcharges added to restaurant bills to cover “Living Wage,” as well as costs associated with the Affordable Care Act or other expenses are subject to retail sales tax and retailing B&O tax.

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Did you get a call from

No it's not a scam. You just got an excise tax reminder from our automated dialing system. More...
[Marijuana reform information (I-502)]

Taxes due on recreational marijuana

Find information on how taxes apply to marijuana businesses. More...

Find up-to-date information on recreational and medical marijuana in Washington State. More...

[Who owes use tax?]

Who owes use tax?
Maybe you!

If you've made purchases without paying Washington's sales tax, you may owe use tax. More...
Important 2016 tax legislation changes
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How to prepare for an audit

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