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Q:  When should I complete a new Business License Application for the state?


Many changes can occur during the life of a business that require you to complete a new Business License Application. Some changes do not require a new Uniform Business Identifier (UBI)/tax registration number, but do require you to complete a new application. Other changes require the issuance of a new UBI number.

You will be issued a new UBI number after you complete a new Business License Application if:

  • the business structure changes (for example a partnership or sole proprietorship incorporates);
  • the number and/or identity of partners in a partnership changes by 50 percent or more; or
  • a corporation forms a wholly-owned subsidiary.

You must complete a new Business License Application, but will not be issued a new UBI number, if you:

  • re-open a closed business;
  • open a new business location;
  • change your principal product or service and a license from another agency is required;
  • divorce, and you or your spouse are no longer liable for the business;
  • change or add a trade name; or
  • transfer the majority of a corporation's stock to different individuals.
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