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Q:  What tires are subject to the tire fee?


The fee applies to all new replacement tires for on- or off-road motorized vehicles including farming equipment and trailers. Please refer to RCW 70.95.030 for the definition of "vehicle" for purposes of the tire fee. Examples of vehicles for which new replacement tires are subject to the fee include, but not limited to:

•  Automobiles;

•  Trucks;

•  Recreational vehicles;

•  Trailers;

•  All-terrain vehicles (ATVs);

•  Agricultural vehicles, such as tractors or combines;

•  Industrial vehicles, such as forklifts;

•  Construction vehicles, such as loaders or graders; and

•  Golf carts.


The fee does not apply to human powered devices such as bicycles, wheelbarrows and hand trucks. Nor does it apply to the sale of retreaded tires, or tires provided free of charge under the terms of a recall or warranty.

More information
Tire Fee on New Replacement Vehicle Tires (pdf)
WAC 458-20-272
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