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Q:  We are an out-of-state business and plan to have activity in Washington. What do we need to do?


If your business is a corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership, first contact the Corporations Division of the Secretary of State at (360) 725-0377.

Generally, out-of-state businesses with activities in Washington are required to register with the Department of Revenue. Please refer to WAC 458-20-193 for more detailed information.

To register with the Department of Revenue and other state agencies, you need to file a Business License Application. This one form will register your business with the Department of Revenue for a tax endorsement, as well as other state agencies. When completing this form, it is necessary to indicate the specific agencies with which you need to register. When the form is processed, a registration number or "Unified Business Identifier" (UBI) number will be issued and used by all agencies with which you have registered. If you already have a registration number issued by the Secretary of State enter it on the appropriate line on the application.

Many Washington cities and towns have licensing requirements and taxes on general business activities. Each town administers its own requirements. Contact the city clerk for the particular city's requirements. The Business Licensing Service provides information on federal, state, county and city licensing.

If you have been doing business in Washington and are not registered with the Department of Revenue, learn how you may qualify to come forward under the Voluntary Disclosure Program.

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