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Q:  Am I required to report private stumpage (standing timber) sales to the Department of Revenue's Forest Tax section?


Yes. RCW 84.33.088 requires a purchaser of privately owned timber in excess of 200,000 board feet to file a report describing the particulars of the purchase to the Department by the end of the month following the purchase.

The required report must contain all information relevant to the value of the timber purchase, including:

*                                                     purchaser's name and address;

*                                                     sale date;

*                                                     termination date in the sale agreement;

*                                                     total sale price;

*                                                     total acreage involved in the sale;

*                                                     net volume of timber purchased;

*                                                     legal description of the area involved in the sale;

*                                                     road construction or improvements required or completed;

*                                                     timber cruise data; and

*                                                     timber thinning data.

You may submit this information using a blank Stumpage Purchase Report or any other reasonable format (sales contract, etc.), provided it contains the required information. Failure to report as required may result in a penalty of $250 for each unreported purchase.
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