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Q:  Will new accounts have to apply for a reseller permit, or will we auto-issue if it appears clear that they should get a permit?

A:  New businesses - except construction - will automatically be issued permits if the Department is able to determine from the information provided on the Business License Application that the business will be engaged in retailing - assuming that there is no predecessor liability as discussed in emergency rule WAC 458-20-10201 (“Application process and eligibility requirements for reseller permits”). New businesses not automatically issued a permit will be instructed in their New Business letter how to apply for a permit.

On the state’s Business License Application the estimated gross income is asked for:

  1. $0 - $12,000
  2. $12,001 – 28,000
  3. $28,001 - $60,000
  4. $60,001 - $100,000
  5. $100,001 and above
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