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Taxes due on recreational marijuana Highlighted Link
Special Notice: Recreational and Medical Marijuana Highlighted Link
Apply for a marijuana business license Highlighted Link

Taxes due on marijuana
... The fact sheets at right explain your obligations. No tax exemptions for
recreational marijuana. ... Medical marijuana endorsements for retailers. ...

Recreational and Medical Marijuana? Repeal and ...
... Recreational and Medical Marijuana ? Repeal and Clarification of Excise Tax
Deductions, Exemptions, and Preferential Rates Effective June 12 ...

Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Marijuana Retailers with a ...
... Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Marijuana Retailers with a Medical
Endorsement ... What are marijuana products and low-THC products? ...

Recreational Marijuana Taxes
home About us Statistics & reports Recreational Marijuana Taxes
Recreational Marijuana Taxes. ... Marijuana Sales Tax Table. ...

Taxes on medical marijuana and related products
home Get a form or publication Publications by subject Tax Topics Taxes on
medical marijuana and related products Taxes on medical marijuana ...

Marijuana: Processors
... Marijuana ... Marijuana Excise Tax Effective July 1, 2015, the 25%
marijuana excise tax imposed on processors is repealed. ...

Marijuana: Retailers
... Marijuana Products are not Food or Food Ingredients: Marijuana-infused
products are not food or food ingredients. ... Marijuana ...

Marijuana Excise Tax
Marijuana Excise Tax Tax Reference Manual Page 69 RCW 69.50.535 ...
Marijuana Excise Tax Tax Reference Manual Page 70 ...

2014 Legislative Updates
... 2014 Legislative Updates: Current Use, Marijuana, and Designated Forest
Land Legislation All legislation is effective June 12, 2014, unless ...

RCW 82.08.9997: Exemptions?Retail sale of marijuana ...
... Exemptions?Retail sale of marijuana, useable marijuana, marijuana
concentrates, and marijuana-infused products covered by marijuana ...

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