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Automated Compliance System and Outstanding Return System (ACS/OSR) Manual

Staff manual

Answer Manual

Explanation of common inquiries on the application of excise taxes

Bankruptcy Manual

Procedures relating to tax collection in bankruptcy situations

DOR IT Portfolio Management


Estate Tax Desk Manual

Staff manual

Exempt Property Policy Manual

Instructions Relating to exempt property determinations

Field Compliance Manual

Instructions and procedures for Compliance personnel

Grain Elevator Appraisal Guide Property Tax

Valuation procedures for types of grain elevators

Income Approach to Appraising Property, The

Information on appraisal method

Levy Manual Property Tax

Instructions on applications of levy statutes and rules

Listing of Escheats Estate Tax

Names and data on decedents without heirs public record

Listing of Unclaimed Property

Names and last known addresses of indicated owners of unclaimed property

Mainstream Tax Processing Manual Taxpayer Account Administration

Staff manual

Market Studies/Valuation Schedules Property Tax

Guides for real and personal property

Ratio Study Procedures Property Tax

Instructions on calculation of assessment ratios

Tax Collection Process, The

Explains the compliance process to taxpayers

Tax Discovery Officers Manual

Instructions to Tax Discovery Officers

Trust Fund Accountability

Explains trust fund accountability

Unclaimed Property Workbook-Business


Unclaimed Property Workbook-Financial


Unclaimed Property Workbook-Governmental


Use Tax Manual

Instructions and procedures regarding use tax

Washington State Residency Definition

Defines when persons are considered residents of this state for sales and use tax purposes

What is a warrant

Explains warrant for unpaid taxes