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Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Health Care Providers
Sales Tax Exemption for Purchases by Data Centers, Application for
Sales Tax Rate Charts
Sales Tax Refund on Purchases and Installation of Qualified Renewable Energy Equipment, Application for
Schedule B, Credit for Sales Tax paid on Bad Debts (Fill-In)
Schedule C, Multiple Activities Tax Credit   (Fill-In)
Schedule C1 (Cigarettes) (Fill-In)
Schedule C2 (Smokeless Tobacco) (Fill-In)
Schedule C3 (Roll-Your-Own Tobacco) (Fill-In)
Seller's Business and Occupation Tax Foreign Fuel Exemption Certificate
Seller's Certificate – In-State Delivery
Seller's Certificate – Out-of-State Delivery
Seller's Declaration for Buyer's Refund of Retail Sales Tax
Seller's Declaration for Refund of Spirits Taxes (Fill-In)
Senior Citizen and Disabled Persons Declaration to Defer  (Fill-In)
Senior Citizen and Disabled Persons Exemption From Real Property Taxes   (Fill-In)
Senior Citizen / Disabled Persons Property Tax Exemption And/Or Deferral Programs (Fill-In) 
Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Reduction from Leasehold Excise Tax (Fill-In) 
Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons, Worksheet to Determine Leasehold Excise Tax Taxable Rent (pdf) new
Settlement Offer (doc)
Small Business Credit Tables
  Monthly  Quarterly  Annual
Small Estate Affidavit for Nonresident Decedents (Fill-In)
Small Harvester Forest Excise Tax Return
Special Fuel Sales to Interstate Carriers, Certificate of
Sprinkler System in a Nightclub, Special Property Tax Exemption for Installation of an Automatic  (Fill-In)
Status, Request for Tax   (Fill-In)
Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) Exemption Certificate (pdf)
Stumpage Purchase Report  (Fill-In)
Successorship Notice Form
Summary Report for Unclaimed Property  (Fill-In)
Supplemental form, Local City and/or County Sales and Use Tax - Now titled Local Sales and Use Tax Addendum