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Warehousing and Reselling Prescription Drugs, Refund Request for Business & Occupation Tax Paid on
Warehouse Tax Incentive, Application for Remittance
Washington Business Activities Questionnaire  (Fill-In)
Washington Cigarette Wholesaler Information
Washington State Cigarette Wholesalers Stamping Allowance Computation Worksheet

Washington Estate and Transfer Tax Return for deaths on or after January 1, 2014

Watercraft/Vessel Tax Forms
Wholesale Cigarette Dealers Bonding (Fill-In)
Wholesaler's/Retailer's Use Tax Worksheet
Wineries Request for Refund of Manufacturing/Wholesaling B&O Tax
Withdrawal of Current Use Assessment Classification, Notice of   (Fill-In)
Withdrawal or Dissolution of a Corporation and Guaranty (Revenue Clearance Certificate Application)  (Fill-In)
Worksheet, Candy Manufacturer Employee B&O Credit Claim