Local Sales and Use Tax Distributions

July-August 1997 Distributions
for May-June Activity

Table 5

Taxes for Public Facility/Stadium Districts and Regional Transit Authority
JULY AUGUST YEAR TO DATE JURISDICTION TAX RATE DISTRIBUTIONS DISTRIBUTIONS DISTRIBUTIONS __________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Spokane County Public Facilities District (convention center) Local sales/use tax 0.1% $408,217.67 $435,899.01 $3,272,237.39 State administrative fee 4,117.81 4,399.67 45,038.97 2. King County Public Facilities District (professional baseball stadium) Local sales/use tax* 0.017% $450,604.31 $460,901.91 $3,404,241.99 3. King County Public Facilities District (professional baseball stadium) Local food/beverage tax** 0.5% $984,469.22 $1,068,434.22 $7,538,515.55 State administrative fee 9,944.13 10,792.26 104,273.63 4. King County Public Stadium Authority (professional football stadium) Local sales/use tax* 0.016% 5. Regional Transit Authority (high capacity, rapid transit system) Local sales/use tax*** 0.4% $12,712,457.48 $14,255,462.13 $38,515,245.28 ________________________________________________________________________________________ * Tax is credited against state sales/use tax, so the burden is shifted to the state general fund. ** Tax applies only to sales of food and beverages, alcoholic and otherwise, for consumption on-premises by restaurants, bars and taverns throughout King County. *** Tax generally applies within the metropolitan areas of King, Pierce and