Local Sales and Use Tax Distributions

March-April 1998 Distributions
for January-February Activity

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Notes on the Local Tax Distributions Revenue Research Report       1

Table 1: Local Sales/Use Tax to Cities and Counties                4

Table 2: Local Sales/Use Tax for Transit Purposes                 12

Table 3: Local Sales/Use Tax for Criminal Justice Purposes        13

Table 4: Local Sales/Use Tax for Juvenile Detention Facilities    18

Table 5: Local Sales/Use Tax to Other Jurisdictions               19

Table 6: State-Shared Hotel/Motel Taxes to Cites and Counties     20

Table 7: Additional Local Hotel/Motel Taxes to Cities & Counties  25

Table 8: Local Taxes on Rental Cars                               27

May 1998

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Questions on local sales tax and hotel/motel administration:
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