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Research and Fiscal Analysis Division

Compiled by:
Beth Leech

November, 2013

Entire report in PDF

Table 1: Summary of Washington State Taxes; FY 2012 - 2013 PDF Excel
Chart 1: Major Washington State Taxes; Percentage Distribution; FY 2013  
Table 2: Net Washington State Tax Collections; Latest Five Years; FY 2009 - 2013 PDF Excel
Chart 2: Percentage Change in Washington State Taxes; FY 1990 - 2013
Table 3: Washington State General Fund Revenues; FY 2012 PDF Excel
Chart 3: Washington State General Fund Revenue and Expenditures; FY 2012
Table 4: Department of Revenue Collections; FY 2012 - 2013 PDF Excel
Table 5: Department of Revenue Collections State Tax Collections by Fund, FY 2012 - 2013 PDF Excel
Table 6: Department of Revenue by Fund and Tax, FY 2012-2013 PDF Excel
Table 7: Summary of Major Washington State Tax Rates, July 1, 2013 PDF Excel
Table 8: Department of Revenue Expenses and Collections: Average Cost of Collection; FY 1981 - 2013 PDF Excel
Table 9: Real Estate Excise Tax Statistics; State REET Collections and Estimated Value of Real Property Sold; FY 1986 - 2013 PDF Excel
Table 10: Real Estate Excise Tax Statistics: State and Local Tax Collections, Number and Estimated Value of Sales by County; FY 2013 PDF Excel
Table 11: Number of State Excise Taxpayers: Registered Accounts by County and Reporting Frequency; July 2013 PDF Excel
Table 12: Number of New Taxpayer Accounts in Washington by County and Major Industry; CY 2012 PDF Excel
Table 13: Number of New Taxpayer Accounts in Washington; Statewide by Industry; CY 2011-2012 PDF Excel
Table 14: State Tax Collections in Washington; Historical Data from 1900 PDF Excel
  Notes for Historical State Tax Collection Tables    
Table 15: Composition of Local Sales/Use Tax Rates, Highest Local Tax Rate in each County as of July, 2013 PDF Excel
Table 16: Local Sales/Use Taxes, Types of Taxes Authorized and Utilized, Fiscal Year 2013 Distributions PDF Excel
Table 17: City/County Local Sales/Use Tax Distributions, FY 2012-2013; Average Per Capita Receipts by County PDF Excel
Table 18: Local Sales/Use Tax Distributions by Type of Tax and by County; FY 2013 PDF Excel
Table 19: Local Rental Car Tax Distributions; FY 2013 PDF Excel
Table 20: Local Hotel/Motel Tax Distributions; FY 2013 PDF Excel
Table 21: Timber Excise Tax Distributions by County; FY 20109-2013 PDF Excel
Table 22: Local Leashold Excise Tax Distributions, FY 2011-2013 PDF Excel
Table 23: Public Utility District (PUD) Privilege Tax Distributions, FY 2009-2013 PDF Excel
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