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Revenue launches new streamlined website

URL changing from http to https

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Sept. 12, 2017 – Today, the Washington State Department of Revenue announced the launch of its new website.

The newly designed website, launched Saturday, Sept. 9, offers quick and easy access to essential information, and provides features that allows for a more engaging user experience. Businesses, tax professionals, and the general public will be able to get to the information they need through clearly identified paths.

Key features of the site include a cleaner, more attractive, and responsive design that will better support users. The design will also adjust its size for tablets and phones to meet the needs of the growing number of people accessing the site from a mobile device.

The website will move from http to https and bookmarks to the site will need to be updated to reflect the change.

Questions or problems with the website can be directed to

The new DOR website is located at:

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The Department of Revenue is Washington state’s primary tax agency, nationally recognized as a trusted leader in tax administration and customer service. Revenue administers nearly 60 categories of taxes that help fund vital public services. It also oversees programs that return money to the public, including the Working Families Tax Credit and Unclaimed Property.