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My DOR help

Learn the basics of our secure portal, My DOR, including how to file a basic tax return.

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Business tax basics

Learn the basics of Washington state taxes. As a small business or new business owner, this video will help you understand your tax reporting responsibilities.

 Watch the business tax basics video (23:05)

Administrative review and hearings process

This video series provides an overview of the appeals process.
 Watch the administrative review and hearings process video series (31:36)

Tax information for the construction industry

To properly report tax, construction businesses need to understand Washington's business tax system and general application of Business and Occupation (B&O) tax classifications, retail sales tax, and use tax. This video will help those engaged in construction activities determine their state tax liability.
 Watch the construction industry video (31:32)

How to prepare for an audit

If you're facing an audit, or just want to know more about audits, this video will give you information about what to expect before, during, and after an audit by the Departments of Revenue, Labor & Industries, and Employment Security.
 Watch how to prepare for an audit video (30:04)

Plan for and pay your taxes

Just getting started with your new business? This multi agency video is no longer available. Instead you’ll find a list of resources to assist you with basic information on how to plan for, file, and pay your Washington State taxes for the Departments of Revenue, Labor & Industries, and Employment Security.
Plan for and pay your taxes resources

Unclaimed property

How-to videos

These task-specific videos show you how to file your unclaimed property report or search and claim property that may belong to you.

UCP program

Watch our Unclaimed Property holder education video series to learn more about the Unclaimed Property program and your reporting responsibilities.

Small business requirements and resources (SBRR)

Watch a pre-recorded workshop with business-friendly representatives from the Washington state Departments of Revenue, Employment Security, Labor & Industries, and the Governor's Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance. We've teamed up to bring important information to businesses.

Start a Business

Grow your Business

We have live webinar sessions as well. Find out more on our events and workshops page.

What is use tax?

 Watch our What is use tax? video (02:04)

Do I owe use tax?

 Watch our Do I owe use tax? video (01:50)

Personal property tax

Understand your tax obligations.
 Watch our Personal property tax video (04:31)


Simple answers to your tax questions.
 Watch our Nonprofit video (03:53)