Disaster Relief: Revenue will work with businesses that cannot file or pay their taxes on time due to a natural disaster. Learn more about disaster relief.

Consumers - Apply for a sales tax refund


If you are a consumer and you believe you have overpaid sales tax, you can request a refund directly from the Department of Revenue.

You can apply for a sales tax refund on eligible purchases for the following reasons:

  • You are a nonresident. Learn more about applying for a sales tax refund on our Sales tax exemption for nonresidents page.
  • You are a Washington resident (not a business) and you paid sales tax in error AND you were unable to get a refund directly from the seller. Learn more at our Consumer sales tax refunds page.
  • You are a tribal member/citizen and a retailer did not provide you a sales tax exemption to which you are entitled. Learn more about tribal member/citizen sales tax refunds on our Information for tribal members/citizens page.