Bremerton adds Revenue’s combined licensing service

‘It’s easy and it’s definitely the way to go’

OLYMPIA, Wash. – July 15, 2021 – The Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Service (BLS) today welcomes the city of Bremerton as the 175th partner of the combined licensing one-stop solution serving more than half a million Washington businesses. BLS now serves all Kitsap County and Olympic Peninsula cities that issue local business licenses annually.

More than 4,000 businesses in the port city of Bremerton are weighing anchor with the state’s streamlined licensing service. BLS is provided free to all cities that use it for local license administration. The system offers detailed financial reporting, and BLS remits the licensing revenues to the local governments through the Office of State Treasurer. Bremerton and other city partners can get state tax reporting from the same secure online portal.

Popular with businesses

The city of Bremerton estimates it will save more than $25,000 annually with the transition to BLS. Businesses also will experience immediate benefits.

"We are continuing to focus on ways to improve our services for businesses,” Bremerton Mayor Greg Wheeler said. “The BLS system will make it easier for startups to apply and existing businesses to renew city and state business licenses online – and do it all in one place. We’re pleased that BLS will help us enhance our support to businesses in our community.”

Bremerton Councilmember Michael Goodnow also spoke in favor of the partnership. Goodnow is part of a nonprofit organization that works on local business advocacy. He is familiar with the secure, streamlined process to renew state and city licenses.

“From a business perspective, it’s so nice to have the endorsements in a one stop," Goodnow said. "It’s not logging into two different places. It’s not remembering two passwords. It’s easy and it’s definitely the way to go.”

National recognition

Revenue’s unique licensing service was recently awarded the 2021 Award for Innovation and Excellence in Tax Administration by the Federation of Tax Administrators. The agency was recognized by the national coalition of public agencies for its efforts to add cities to the free business licensing partnership and support both municipalities and businesses with improved service and streamlined processes.

By early 2022, BLS will serve more than 200 Washington state communities.

Find the list of all 175 BLS partner cities on the City license endorsements page.

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