Important 2012 updates to NAICS codes

What changed and when?

Quarterly Business Review Report

Beginning with the Quarter 1, 2012 Quarterly Business Review (QBR) data, the Department updated various NAICS codes. To ensure the relevance, accuracy, and timeliness of the classification, NAICS codes are reviewed every five years to determine what, if any, changes are required. In 2012 there were major changes made to Utilities (22), Electronics & Appliances (443), and Restaurants & Food Services (722).

How does this change impact the data?

Quarterly Business Review Report

Although the format of the QBR tables will remain the same, the 2012 NAICS code changes involved some conversions to new NAICS and some data cannot be compared. For example a firm classified previously as NAICS code 221119, Other Electric Power Generation may now be classified under NAICS 221114, Solar Electric Power Generation; 221115, Wind Electric Power Generation; 221116, Geothermal Electric Power Generation; 221117, Biomass Electric Power Generation; or 221118, Other Electric Power Generation.

To see how 2007 NAICS codes correspond to 2012 NAICS codes click here.

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