Local government partnership meeting

The Department of Revenue conducts a Local Government Partnership seminar every year. The seminar provides education and information regarding tax topics of interest to local governments. It also provides an opportunity for local governments to share information, and connect with Department staff and peers.

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2022 Local Government Partnership meeting. 

Presentations are linked below:

Economic & Revenue Forecast Council
Eric Swenson, Senior Economic Forecaster

Taxpayer Account Administration Update
Brittney May and Jason Hartwell, Tax Administration Managers

Legislation and American Rescue Plan Overview
Candice Bock, Director of Government Relations, Association of Washington Cities

2022 DOR Legislation
Trice Konschuh & Ryan Anderson, Legislation and Policy Specialists

Unclaimed Property Law Change
Joe Gisler, Unclaimed Property Claims and Outreach Manager

Property Tax Levies
Diann Locke, Levies and Appeals Specialist 

Business Licensing Service Partnership Update
Eric Jones, Partnership Services

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