Applying for the Main Street Tax Credit

To apply for the credit you must be an administrator (My DOR user type) of an excise tax account. The online application becomes available at 8 a.m. PST on the second Monday in January of each year. The application is first-come, first-serve. If the statewide cap has not been met by April 1 of each year, eligible Main Street Organizations may receive additional contributions. The online application will be updated at that time.

Steps to the application:

  1. Sign into your My DOR account.
  2. In your excise tax account, click More Excise Tax Options.
  3. Under Credits, click Manage/Apply for a Tax Credit (only administrators will see Credits).
  4. Under the list of credits, click Add Main Street Application.
  5. Enter the contribution amount for the organization you would like to contribute to. You will not be able to contribute more than what is listed in the remaining credit column.
  6. The last page is contact information and authorization. Note: The application must be authorized by the owner, corporate officer, partner other than limited partners, executor, or administrator of the contributing business.

Once the application is complete you’ll receive a confirmation. You must then make the approved contribution(s) by Nov. 15 of the same year. Once the contribution is verified by the department, you will be granted a tax credit to use the following calendar year.