Reporting Washington State tax and license fraud

Washington State relies on businesses and citizens to voluntarily pay their fair share of taxes to fund state services. Unfortunately, some businesses and citizens either don't understand, or purposely evade, their tax responsibility.

Our tax discovery staff actively pursues businesses and individuals to collect the taxes due to the state and its citizens.

Tax and license fraud includes:

  • not registering an operating business,
  • collecting, but not remitting, retail sales tax, or
  • registering a vehicle, vessel, or plane out-of-state if the vehicle is used in this state and use tax was not paid.

If you have questions about our residency requirements, review our residency definition.

Your help is invaluable for making sure taxes are collected fairly and everyone pays their fair share as we continue to work together to fund Washington's future.

How to report:

To report an instance of tax fraud, please complete the Washington State Tax and License Fraud form or call 360-705-6705.

More information

  • Read tips on how to protect yourself from Internet fraud at
  • Learn about the Department of Revenue's Voluntary Disclosure Program. Come clean if you've been operating a business in Washington and are not registered. Penalties will be partially or fully waived.