Nonresident vessel permits for entity-owned vessels

Vessels owned by nonresident entities

A vessel owner who is a nonresident entity must obtain a nonresident vessel permit on or before the 61st day of use of the vessel in this state if the vessel meets all of the following:

  • Is a “properly registered nonresident vessel.”
  • Has been brought into Washington state for not more than six months in any continuous 12-month period.
  • Is used for personal use.
  • The vessel is at least 30 feet in length, but no more than 200 feet in length.
  • No Washington state resident is a principal of the nonresident entity that owns the vessel.
  • The Department of Revenue has provided the nonresident vessel owner written approval authorizing the permit.

Application to the Department of Revenue

Nonresident entity vessel owners must apply directly to the Department of Revenue for written approval before seeking a nonresident vessel permit from DOL as provided below. Nonresident vessel owners must use a Nonresident Vessel Permit Approval Application to apply.

If the department determines that the nonresident vessel owner is eligible for the permit, the department will provide written approval to the nonresident vessel owner that authorizes issuance of the permit.